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WE HAVE A PASSION: FAITH. Faith, everydays Credo, the thing that gives you strenght and develops itself in a high and universal love. Faith that involves billions of people around the world. Amen starts from the idea of give words of faith and being always with your loved ones, making them feel protected, loved and never alone.

OUR PROJECT: AMEN starts with an intuition of Giovanni Licastro, italian buisnessman, who in 2012 decides to create a Jewelery builded with words. Beginnings are dedicated to the most powerful Words: words of Faith, those that are companions of many people's childhood and never been forgotten or left behind, even if our life changes path. Faith endure as a part of interiority of every human being. It is consolation, remembrance, story, hope, joy.

MEANINGS: the name AMEN is choosen for his meaning itself: truth, certainty. The sound is pleasurable and extremely familiar, recognised all over the World and easily remembered. The payoff: "Live your Faith", tells a story about a contemporary thought that belongs to the Faith. Today Faith is a choice. A concious and individual belonging. AMEN Collections embraces not only Faith in strict meaning, but a more wider sphere of love: love to your partner, love to your childrens, friends and all the truly loved ones.

AMEN: FAITH IS FASHION! A bracelet for your wrist, not only as symbol of belongs or consolation or protection, but also to be a valuable clothing accessory, a "must have" both for men and women. Jewels are creatives with a great care for details: from the innovative steel magnetic closure, to the inscription of words. From the selection of materials, as true leather and Murano's pearls, to the codes of colors. All of it strictly MADE IN ITALY. 

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Showing 1 - 12 of 415 items